Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chris, Lee, and Kirk heading to the 614

That's right, everyone. The pressure is now on us to come up with a sign to wave in the background when Lee begins talking about who knows what. So far this season we've seen everything from, "Brady's Sister loves the D." to "Lee Corso has a baby arm." to last Saturday's trio of "Charlie Weis: The Devil Lovechild of Jabba the Hut And Rosie O'Donnell," "Did you know... That Bo Jackson ate more than 36 crabcakes before his first game in the NFL?" and of course, "Lee Corso is a giant tool."

So, it could be anything. But if I had to throw in my two cents, it would have to be something about either Pam Ward's sexuality or anything JoePa. Lee Corso signs are becoming too cliche and no one in Columbus would think twice about touching the Golden Boy Kirk Herbstreit.

On a much more serious note, Keith over at BC reports that there will be a feature on Tyson Gentry and Adam Taliaferro. As most know by now, Gentry, a walk on punter trying out as a wide receiver for the Buckeyes, was paralyzed in spring practice when taking a hit from freshman Kurt Coleman. The support for Gentry has been outstanding, receiving words of encouragment from Buckeye fans all over. The guy who called him just days after the injury was Taliaferro. Taliaferro was a member of the Nittany Lions who suffered a very similar injury in a contest against Ohio State a few years back. Although the two have never met personally, Taliaferro's father has contacted Gentry personally several times. The two are set to meet this weekend when Penn State comes to town, and I don't know how Gameday will handle it, but I'm sure it will be one of those tear-jerker kind of features. Taliaferro's comeback story has been a truely inspiring one. His football career is over, but he no longer suffers any of the effects from the injury which he suffered. Gentry has made it public that his goal is to walk again and to lead the team onto the field just like Taliaferro did when he recovered. I give props to the Nittany Line for being a valuable resource, and I would also like to thank them for their kind words towards the Buckeye community, a rarity nowadays.

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