Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cavs involved in NBA trade rumors

I was watching ESPN around noon today, shortly after class and before going to work, and I heard Andy Katz talking about the potential 76ers-Celtics deal involving Allen Iverson. He mentioned a third team would be needed to complete this deal, and he said that that team would either be the Jazz giving up Carlos Loozer (What? Are you trying to tell me he wasn't worth the $69 Million?) or the Cavaliers trading Drew Gooden. Now, Gooden is a free agent-to be, which means we're going to have to sign him before dealing him, unless we can find some sort of loophole in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. We're probably also going to have to throw in another player (Eric Snow, potentially?), to even out the deal. From what Katz said, and what I have read on the Cavaliers message boards, Boston is willing to give up Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, and/or Wally Szczerbiak. Now, we probably won't get all three of those players, at least one of them will end up going to Philly. But who knows, we might end up getting a filler-player from the '6ers as well. Of course, this is all dependent on this deal actually going down, which is probably unlikely (we all know that most superstar-related trade rumors never actually happen). Also, even though this is draft night, this trade doesn't necessarily have to happen tonight. From what I understand, no picks have been involved.

Potential trade scenario:
Scenario 1:
Boston gets: Allen Iverson
Philly gets: Drew Gooden, Eric Snow (or other Cavs role player), and Gerald Green and/or Al Jefferson
Cleveland gets: Wally Szczerbiak, possibly Al Jefferson.

Scenario breakdown: If Cleveland walks out of this deal with only Szczerbiak, then I will be very disappointed. We CANNOT do this deal without Al Jefferson. He was Boston's PF of the future, and under LeBron, he would probably blossom into one of the better PFs in the league. Szczerbiak is a good 3 point shooter who would help spread the floor, but his 8 figure salary is much too much for a guy that will see mostly situational time. Also, getting Szczerbiak reminds me too much of signing Marshall/Jones, two guys who were picked up just for their 3 point abilities, and struggled for much of the season. Although Szczerbiak has a bit purer of a stroke than the other two, you can never know until the season is underway.


On another note, that may or may not be related, Boston traded their #7 pick and Dan Dickau to Portland for Sebastian Telfair.

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