Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A little housecleaning, plus some links

I've made some recent changes to the site. As you can tell, I've added advertisements to the top, and I also just put some more on the side bar. Also, I've made a newer, and what I feel is a more professional looking site banner. I hope to continue to make the site look better as I continue to learn more about html and all that other internet jazz.

I've also continued to expand PSB to other Buckeye blogs out there, including the following:

The 614: A site with the exact same template as mine, Sean has a marvelous blog that has been around a little while. He offers some good insight into mostly the Buckeyes, but he also ventures off into other sports when he feels the need. I recommend you look at his Buckeye football season preview, it's a good read that offers some interesting points.

Death Cab for Woody: The guy who runs this site is a recently displaced Buckeye fan out in Seattle. He definitely knows his stuff, and he talks a lot about a sport which I would very rarely ever dig into (hockey). So if you're a Blue Jackets fan, it's a must read site. He's also a pretty funny dude, so check out his site

Now, here's some sports related links:

  • Big Ten media day took place today. I didn't even know it was on ESPNEWS until I flipped on Joe Paterno's press conference and he started comparing checkers and chess. Anyways, for what Tressel had to say about his preseason Big 10 #1 team, check it out here.
  • OSU Quarterbacks coach Joe Daniels is battling cancer. What kind of cancer it is isn't said, but regardless, my prayers are with him as I'm sure what he's battling is 1,000 times worse than battling Michigan or Texas.
  • Speaking of prayers, Tyson Gentry, the walk on punter who became paralyzed after being hit in practice, spoke to the media for the first time since the injury the other day. He said his goal one day is to run out into the shoe one more time, and let's all pray that he does one day, and the day it happens will be an emotional one.
  • The Drew Gooden talks are going pretty slowly, so if he doesn't come back, lets hope we can pick up a guy like Lorenzen Wright and LeBron can make him look a ton better than he really is, too.

And I'll get that D-Line preview up any day now. It's just a matter of motivation, and I don't have any at this point.

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