Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ramonce Taylor to Transfer

Texas RB/WR Ramonce Taylor announced his intentions to transfer to another school. Taylor, as you may remember, recently got arrested for possesion of five pounds of marijuana back in May. It was almost a given that he would have been suspended at least through the Ohio State game, but knowing how football goes in Texas, I wouldn't doubt that they would have found a way for him to be wearing the correct orange uniform by the time September 9th rolled around.

Now that the possibility of him playing is extinguished, I am incredibly excited. Taylor was the kind of multi-purpose kind of player that you can only find at a few colleges around the nation. Although he wasn't the most talented member of the offense, his absence makes their offense incredibly one dementional now. With two quarterbacks that haven't taken a competitive snap since high school, the offense will be completely reliant on Jamaal Charles to carry the load come game time. My biggest concern regarding our defense was that we would get burnt on the big play that last year's defense never would have let happen (e.g. reverse, fake punt, etc.). Ramonce Taylor is the kind of player that the team would have given the ball to in order to create a big play, and without him, the Texas offense should be pretty stagnant that early on in the season. If Ohio State can contain Garrett Wolfe the previous week, then they should have no problem with Charles and the rest of the Texas running backs.Then again, the game is in Austin, so you never know...

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