Friday, September 01, 2006

I want to see

I want to see The Best Damn Band in the Land make their entrance. I want to hear the roar of the crowd. I want to see the sweatervest. I want to see the Silver Bullets carry on the tradition of great defense, even if it takes some time. I want to see 11 pairs of arms diving, reaching for just the smallest piece of Ted Ginn. I want to see Beanie Wells take a ball off tackle, make a cut, and steamroll a linebacker. I want to see Antonio Pittman do that same thing, but do it every play. I want to see our line run over the other guys' line on the way to three yards and a cloud of dust. I want to see the I get dotted. I want to see Ted Ginn 20 yards ahead of the nearest defender. I want to see Troy Smith run the speed option. I want to see the NIU tackle shiver in fear when he takes his first look at Vernon Gholston. I want to see Aaron Pettrey hit the opening kickoff out of the endzone. I want to see Homan, Wells, Coleman, and the rest of the freshmen come in and become stars. I want to see Malcolm Jenkins make the opposing receiver use every ounce of his energy to get open. I want to see AJ Trapasso pin a punt down inside the 10. I want to see Brutus harassing the opposition when we score, and I want to see him pretend to fall over and die when the bad guys do. I want to see the guys at Block O do everything they can possibly do with their drunken selves to pump up the crowd. I want to hear the O. I want to hear the H. I want to hear the I. I want to hear the O. I want to see the lips snap shut on the doubter's mouths when we go out and dominate. I wouldn't even mind seeing them tell us, "told you so." if our team struggles and fades away.

But most of all

I want to see some Buckeye Football!

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