Sunday, August 27, 2006

One week

With the Buckeye season kicking off on Saturday and school starting for me on Thursday I expect this to be one of the longer weeks of my teenage life. However, I plan to spend much of my time on the blog making Ohio State-related posts. In fact, I am doing what I hope becomes an annual "week of previews." The following is the schedule that (hopefully) I will follow this week:

  • Monday - Projecting the OSU schedule. This won't be an in-depth game-by-game preview, but rather a brief summary of how I feel the Buckeyes will do in each game. And I'll spoil some of the fun for you right now: No, we don't go undefeated (But to keep things optimistic, we still win the Big 10!).
  • Tuesday - Looking over the rest of the Big 10. This will probably be the most in-depth of the previews.
  • Wednesday - Michigan Preview: Offense. I'm good friends with plenty of Michigan fans, and they have been bugging me to write stuff about Michigan, so here it is.
  • Thursday - Michigan Preview: Defense/Special Teams.
  • Friday - Northern Illinois Preview. This may be postponed to Saturday morning, but we'll have to see.
All of these previews will be available for future reference on the sidebar under the section "Ohio State Season Preview." Right now, I have all of the unit breakdowns on there.

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