Saturday, September 23, 2006


I woke up this morning to find out that my pops got suite tickets for the game today. Being a high school Junior, I don't get all that many opprotunities to go to games, so I'll probably only get to go to one more game this season (which will be most likely either Bowling Green or's not my choice). Also, anyone else going to the game, remember to ditch gray and white and contribute to the "Sea of Scarlet." Although this is nothing more than a gimmick shot at revenge after last season's "White Out," never doubt Ohio State fans' ability to rally together in a short notice. I expect everyone out there to be in Scarlet, and to keep the urine in the toilets.

OSU Blog Roundup:
  • Death Cab for Woody showed to the blogosphere that he is indeed still alive, making an excellent post regarding fan behavior in the Big 10. It takes a few warrented, yet still cheap shots at our opponents today, as well as the rest of the conference. He also addresses the issues at Ohio State as well.
  • Buckeye Commentary takes a good look at Antonio Pittman. It's an interesting read on the third member of the Killer T's, who is often undervalued. If he can have a big game in sloppy conditions today against Posluszny and the rest of the PSU front seven, he won't be an unknown for long. One thing that Keith may have missed was Pittman's ability to become a stronger player as the game wears on.
  • The 614 offers up a game preview. I agree that it will be interesting to see if we can get to Morelli early and often, but it will be difficult considering he's only been sacked once all season.
  • MotSaG has their weekly round table going on, which is always a good read. My favorite part is always the over/under section. If I had to take part in that I'd say that Ohio State goes over 400 total yards, Troy is under 280 total yards (throws his first interception of the season, too), we get less than 5 sacks, and Ted Ginn remains held in check in the return game.
  • Around The Oval. Well, he hasn't posted in a couple of days, but this guy is always linking to my blog, so I figured I'd return the favor for once. I'm sure he'll have something up between now and midnight that's worth reading.

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