Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Will the 18th ever get here?

In case you haven't noticed, it's been a slow couple of weeks around Buckeye nation. Unless the Shoe getting re-re-sodded is exciting to you -- and believe me, it is to some people -- there just isn't just much to talk about regarding Buckeye football. Two consecutive blowouts, and two upcoming dates with Illinois and Northwestern respectively just flat out lack the general excitement among the population of Buckeye fans that the month of September had. Granted, the second the Northwestern game ends, it will be near nonstop posting around the Ohio State blogosphere for, you know, that one game. It's hard to fathom this idea, but is it possible that Ohio State Football is actually becoming boring? It's hard to imagine considering we have the frontrunner for the Heisman, possibly the nation's most exciting group of receivers, and a duo at running back that keeps linebackers up at night. With the current imbalance of the schedule, it's as if you're playing a game of Madden NFL Football on the easiest difficulty level with the Patriots: Where's the fun in it? Now, I'm not trying to say something like Ohio State needs to play down to the level of their opponents just for the sake of discussion, but rather just trying to explain the lack of posting around here lately. So from now until the clock reads 0:00 against Northwestern, don't expect nearly as much Ohio State content, unless something really interesting spikes up between now and then. However, basketball season is getting underway, and although my attempts at previewing the Buckeye starting five were futile, the majority of the content in the next 11 days will deviate from Troy Smith and Co. and focus more on Thad, Greg, and Jamar, along with the Godliness of LeBron James.

Remember, though, this is all just assuming the next two weeks are like the previous two. I'm sure now that I've said all of this something catostrophic will happen and this post will be rendered totally irrelevant.

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