Sunday, October 15, 2006

A little PSB Housekeeping

I just got done making some additions to the sidebar, and here is a little overview of what's been added:
  • In what must have been a huge oversight on my part, somehow Around The Oval got left off of the OSU Blogs list. I could have sworn it was in there, so it must have accidentally gotten deleted somewhere along the line. My apologies to JD, I don't know how that one got past me.
  • Other OSU Blogs added: The Buckeye Battle Cry, Eleven Warriors, The Penalty Kill, The Pojo Dojo, and Second Rate News (which has actually been up there for a couple of days now). If these blogs keep it up, Ohio State very well may have the highest (and most educated, if I say so myself) population of college football fans in the blogosphere.
  • Andy has been the most active of all you slackers out there when it comes to comments, and I've finally gotten around to adding his site, My Casual Thoughts, to the sidebar. He's a Buckeye fan stuck in Ann Arbor, so drop by and give your deepest sympathies. Now, if he just weren't a stinkin' Tigers fan... (side note: I did predict the winner of the Yankees/Tigers series to win the World Series, but I don't have it in writing anywhere, you will have to take my word for it).
  • MGoBlog and the 50 Yard Lion were both added, as was Heisman Pundit. Three of the best blogs out there, undoubtedly. By the way, take a look at who is on the top of HP's Heisman list, I'm sure all you Buckeye fans out there will be more than happy with what you see.
  • My good friend has followed in my footsteps as a blogger. His, however, is about politics. So take a look if you jocks out there want to broaden your horizons.

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