Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Battle of the Blogs: Championship edition

You may remember back during Michigan week that CSTV.com ran a little feature known as "Battle of the Blogs" where each day, one blogger representing Ohio State squared off against a Michigan blogger debating over a miscellaneous topic regarding the two teams. My performance that week was mediocre at best, as the general consensus surrounding my debate was that I got shellacked by the boys at M-Zone.

I've spent the time since then hoping at a chance for redemption, and as it is now officially "Florida Week," CSTV has decided to bring me back for a championship edition of Battle of the Blogs. My topic? Which school has the better fan-base: Ohio State or Florida? Despite nearly forgetting about it, I put in my best effort at the 11th hour, and 1,000+ words later, I think redemption was served. My initial reaction when seeing my opponent was an expletive, as I had the tall task of going against Orson Swindle of EDSBS, one of the most prestigious blogs out there. However, he said nothing much other than Florida fans are loud. The only area he really points out that Florida fans have our number in is in the area of standing. I've gotten yelled at multiple times for standing up. He also adds a bit more humor in than me, but that wasn't the angle I wasn't going at there. Judge for yourself as you read,

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