Monday, November 13, 2006

Battle Of the Blogs: Pfef vs MZone

No posts from me today, guys. But don't worry, that doesn't mean there isn't anything I've written out there for you to read. I've recently partaken in CSTV's Battle Of The Blogs, which puts an OSU Blog up against a Michigan blog each day. Today, I faced The MZone in the debate, "Which Stadium is better?" It's not my best work, but I feel that I gave enough info to win it. Although MZone wrote more, they did it in classic MZone fashion, spending as much time making immature jokes about Ohio State (i.e. the guards at the stadium; Heaven forbid the fans be safe), as he does giving quality analysis on the team he's supposed to blog about. I will give him the part about the field, though. The way we handled that situation over the season was rediculous, but it shouldn't be a problem if and when we get turf like Michigan's installed.

Yesterday, Keith over at Buckeye Commentary had the task of comparing the game day atmospheres of the schools. I fail to see how a team with fans that leave at halftime because for the most part it is "Too cold and rainy" has that much of a great game day atmosphere.

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