Friday, June 30, 2006

Randy Walker has Heart Attack

Before I get started talking about the Buckeyes today, let me leave my condolences for the family, co-workers, players, and everyone else that was connected to Northwestern head football coach Randy Walker. Walker died suddenly Thursday night of an apparent heart attack. This is an absolutely terrible tragedy, and if this were to actually happen at a school of more sports prestige, it would get a lot more media attention than, say, a Lance Armstrong-less Tour de France. Walker was a good coach, who got the most out of his players, and has made the team respectable ever since he took over in 1999. He is the only coach in school history to lead the Wildcats to three bowl games. In 2000, Walker and the Wildcats earned a share of the Big 10 title. Two months ago, he signed a 4 year extonsion through the 2011 season.

RIP Randy Walker 1954-2006

No matter where you're from, who you cheer for, or even if you like football, cheer for the Wildcats this season. I know I will.

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