Monday, July 03, 2006

Chicago has lost their minds.

One of the weaker NBA Draft classes was followed up by none other than a relatively weak free agent pool. The class was headlined by what most to be the best available player in 4 time defensive player of the year Ben Wallace, who just signed with the Chicago Bulls. Let's all hope the Bulls can finally pull a trade to get Tyson Chandler out of town now, or else this team's frontcourt is in serious trouble. Two (overrated) defensive specialists who provide little to none to the offensive game won't help the team all that much next season. This is exactly why this signing makes no sense to me. Wallace is a name that gets a lot more credit than he deserves because he played in Detroit, which is a media hot bed. His defensive skills are overrated considering just about all he is, is a leaper who is also an exceptional shot blocker. He doesn't posses the lateral speed that most lockdown defenders have, which allow for the quick swingmen (see: Dwyane Wade) to blow by him and drive to the hole. Now, take that and multiply it by two, and you get what Chicago has. They better be able to shop Chandler around this offseason and get a better offensive producer. This also goes without mentioning the draft pickup of Tyrus Thomas, who if he doesn't pan out all the way offensively, will be the next Tyson Chandler. This team would be at a total loss if it weren't for Scott Skiles and Kirk Heinrich. Granted, with one trade, I could have my mind completely changed on this team.

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