Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Could yesterday's demolishing victory over New York be the start of something for Cleveland?

The fireworks came a bit early in Cleveland last night as the Indians demolished the Yankees 19-1. The fact that it was also George Steinbrenner's birthday was just icing on the cake (birthday? cake? get it???). Although it was just one win, this may have signaled that this team is finally turning the corner. It's our 4th straight win and the 6th win in the last 8 games. Considering all of these wins have come against teams either in first place (Cardinals) or teams battling for first place (Reds, Yankees) makes it that much sweeter. Travis Hafner hit two dingers to help add to his All-Star resume, although now it appears he won't make it to Pittsburgh now unless someone gets hurt. Peralta also hit two dingers, and has been playing better lately, even though he continues to be a consistent rally-killer with all of his strikeouts. Vic Mart went 5-6 and had a homer as well. Hopefully some more players either get hurt or wuss out so either he or Pronk makes the All-Star squad.

Although hopes of a division title ended about a month ago, if the team continues to play like we are playing, it should hopefully attract some big name pitchers in to town next year to complement our dynamite offense. Grady Sizemore continues to polish his hitting, and will be one of the best all-around players in baseball next season. The guy is an absolute freak. Hopefully, we can pull in a legit leadoff hitter (preferably an infielder) from another team so Grady can move to the 3 hole. If that were to happen, there is no question that next year's lineup would be the best in franchise history (yes, I did just say that). Expect a Grady Sizemore appreciation post later on in the season. Her's hoping for the best in 2007, and the rest of 2006.

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