Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bomar given the boot

Sources indicate that the Oklahoma Sooners have dismissed starting quarterback Rhett Bomar from the team. Apparently, there has been an investigation that he was given money for a bogus job (sound familiar, Buckeye fans?). Starting guard JD Quinn was also kicked off for the same reason.

Now this is a real shocker to me. I had picked Oklahoma to not only win the Big 12, but also represent the conference in the national championship game. When Bomar won the starting job midway through last season, and was able to settle himself in the role, Oklahoma was looking like a team that was ranked in the preseason top 10, and not the team that got beaten by Texas Christian. Bomar's play forced defenses to have to focus on not just the run game, which really opened things up for Adrian Peterson (who I had also picked to win the Heisman trophy this season, but now I may be forced to reconsider). Talk about a crushing blow for a team that really could have gone places this season. I still think they're the best team in the Big 12, but the loss of Bomar could easily lead to a little slip-up in the conference schedule, and open the way for Nebraska or Texas to take the conference.

The starter for next season will probably be either Paul Thompson (last year's starter before Bomar took over), or JUCO transfer Joey Halzle. Unless one of these guys can set the world on fire, don't expect a lot of productivity through the air by the Sooners this season. Thompson is far too inaccurate a passer and Halzle lacks D-I experience.

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