Monday, September 25, 2006

For a change, something other than the Buckeyes

I never quite got around to writing up my Penn State review, but it just never got done. I'm sure Buckeye Commentary will get around to it eventually. For other roundups, check out Around the Oval's or Death Cab for Woody's coverage, as usual, he covers all the bases and gives some Grade A analysis. To keep my analysis short: Troy Smith wasn't good, the line and receivers were worse, Antonio Pittman should be a known commodity by know, Malcolm Jenkins is now the new "overlooked" Buckeye, but he's still a dumbass, the refs helped us out there, but they didn't do it many other times during the game.

Now, I haven't posted much other than the Buckeyes since I started this blog, and I'm sure that will change later on when the Cavs get rolling and there's that 6 week period between Michigan and the Bowl game. However, I will venture outside of the 614 tonight, because there is a serious sports topic worth discussing: The Superdome's comeback.
The Saints #1 pick is taking a seat to
the real #1 in New Orleans: The Fans.

Some moments transcend sports. These moments go far beyond the guys on the field, the men on the sidelines, and reach the community. Tonight in New Orleans, we are witnessing one of these moments. The New Orleans Saints are playing an actual home game for the first time since December 26, 2004. We all know the reasoning behind that, so I won't go into details, everyone knows it. At first, I was somewhat skeptical, assuming this was yet another feel-good story that ESPN was blowing out of proportion, but when the game began, I could tell that for once ESPN was giving a major issue all the attention it deserved. All it took was one view of a fan to know that this was more than a football game. Tony Kornheiser's pregame introduction was a thing of beauty, something that you can't often say about Tony Kornheiser. He described the game as a symbol of the city of New Orleans, which is a perfect description. Granted, these players haven't had it nearly as hard as any of the thousands of New Orleans natives in the stands, they've still gone through a lot, and if it's possible for a team to hardly lose anybody, gain a great quarterback, a future star at running back, and still be considered rebuilding, this team is it. But perhaps this game symbolizes the beginning of a new era for the Saints. Remember, these Saints are playing for a divisional lead, and to remain unbeaten. In case you've missed the game so far, the Saints are currently winning by a score of 14-0, and those two touchdowns have come in the most thrilling of ways that Hollywood couldn't script any better: A blocked punt on the very first drive, and a double reverse for a touchdown. These fans are one Reggie Bush big play from blowing the roof off the top of the stadium (Okay, that was inaproppriate). I know it seemed impossible when last season ended, but this Saints team is stronger and better and better because of what happened.

New Orleans as a city is still in the early stages of rebuilding, but it appears that this football team is ready to shine. And maybe for just a night, these fans can shine on also.

Rock on New Orleans.

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