Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Wrapup

Nothing exciting here, just a bunch of links that you should all take a look at:
  • Iowa postgame analysis: The 614, Death Cab for Woody, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, The O-Zone
  • ESPN's "College Football Final" wonders if Troy Smith is heisman material, or just another weapon in the offense. Can't the same thing be said about Brady Quinn, Vince Young, Matt Leinart, or any QB of a high powered offense? The guy under center is what makes everything else go, and I think last year's Texas game, which featured Ginn, Gonzalez, and Pittman proves that point. Also, they bring up the Ginn vs Gonzalez argument which I alluded to in my postgame analysis (more on that in the coming weeks).
  • BuckeyeCommentary takes a look at Vernon Gholston's unblockabilty (yet obvious holdability). The man is becoming unfair fast.
  • Looks like Herringbone was right, and Anderson Russell is done for the year. A medical redshirt seems unlikely here, so lets hope Super Jamario can step up. Russell was always around the ball and, as i said earlier, was quickly becoming one of my favorite players.
  • Ohio Stadium had a new grass field put in. Actually, this happened last week, but I decided to wait until a home week to put this out there.
  • Updated depth chart for the Bowling Green game. The only changes are due to Russell's injury. One must remember, though, that this is Bowling Green, so a lot of people not on this depth chart will see time (if everything goes as expected).
  • Tony Gerdeman's The Buckeye Watch. An always comical perspective on the game, done in Bill Simmons-esque format.
  • Apparently, Anthony Gonzalez has started a new fad.

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