Monday, October 09, 2006

BGSU Postgame thoughts/analysis

Let's get down to it, BGSU postgame thoughts and analysis. Not too much here, but like the guys in the shoulderpads, a letdown after a big win is inevitable.

  • Vernon Gholston is the next Will Smith. We've been waiting on a dominant pass rusher ever since #93 moved on to bigger and better things after the '03 season. Simon Fraser was a leader, but he wasn't the same disruptive force. Kudla was a freak, but had troubles with health. J-Rich has been good, but isn't nearly the athlete. Not only is Gholston becoming nearly unblockable off the edge, he's also becoming an incredible run stopper as well. Also, we haven't had a defensive end since Smith that is capable of dropping back into coverage like Gholston. He hadn't had to do it too many times this season up until this week when we faced our first true spread offense opponent of the season. It'd be nice to see a couple moves out of him after that interception (what was he playing there, safety?), but hey, the man isn't superman.
  • If defenses want to play soft on Ted Ginn, so be it. I have no problem with Ginn taking a screen pass every other play and getting over five yards out of it before he even has to think about making a move on a defender. It's just a matter of knowing when and when not to fall in love with the bubble screen. A cushion from the secondary might as well be a green light to do it, but if there's a guy right on him, it's just going to leave Teddy out to dry.
  • However, if we want to see #10 strike the pose, we may need to go vertical more. Call me selfish, because I know we should do what's best for the team, but I'm yet to witness a heisman winner in my lifetime (I was 5 years old when Eddie was around), and this season would be a pretty good one. Eventually, the heisman voters are going to notice that Troy is only getting 180-200 yards passing a game, and that will cost him some votes. He's already at enough of a disadvantage by having his season ending so early (No conference championship game means Peterson gets to leave the final impression on the voters).
  • What's the deal with the injuries? Patterson and Barton should be back for next week, but it seems like everyone was limping around at one point or another. Hopefully this is just a result of not being used to the new turf, and not a case of the injury bug setting in.
  • Speaking of the turf, all you naysayers should just give it a little bit of time. The stuff seems to resemble the turf at my highschool's football field, so it may just need a little time for all that stuff flying around to settle into the ground.
  • The offensive line is becoming very difficult to figure out. Incredible against two good defensive lines in Texas and Iowa, yet they struggled against the obviously overmatched lines of Cincy and BGSU. Troy actually had to use his feet yesterday, but then again, if he can pull off runs like he did on 3rd and 25, then who needs a line? I'm joking, of course. The line needs to step it up consistently if we have any hopes of getting the crystal ball back.
  • Hey, refs, thanks for showing up! Ohio State won the penalty battle for the first time this season, with a yardage advantage of 43-36. Not the biggest difference ever, but at least it's a step in the right direction. 5 penalties for a team playing Ohio State may be a season high, also, but I'd have to look into that one.

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