Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vote or Die.

For those of you out there who have the pleasure of going to school with me, you probably noticed today that I was wearing a "Troy for Heisman" T-Shirt. Some of you out there even went as far as to joke that me wearing the T-Shirt wouldn't have a say in how it all goes down. Well, you guys were wrong. Back in '99 the guys in charge of the Heisman had the brilliant idea of letting the fans get one collective vote to help decide who wins the trophy. Well, since the Buckeyes have their first legit Heisman candidate since this process started, it's time for the Buckeye Nation to do their part to enshrine Troy Smith. Click Here to vote for Troy. The way it works is, when the balloting ends, the person with the highest percentage of votes gets one vote on the official Heisman ballot. And right now, Steve Slaton is giving the rest of the crew an ass whoopin'. Buckeye fans are some of the craziest out there, and if there's ever something to get riled up about, this is it. The ballot is designed to only let you vote once per week, but if you clear your history and cookies, you can vote as many times as you need. Frankly, if Troy Smith doesn't come back -- or at least give Slaton a run for his money -- I will be thoroughly disappointed in all of the Buckeye fans worldwide. This is the kind of thing that we should be dominating, and not fighting to fend off that goody two shoes Brady Quinn.

Hat Tips to: The Penalty Kill and The Buckeye Blog for bringing this to my attention.

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