Thursday, August 03, 2006

Busy night

Wow, I've made my third post of the night. I've got a lot I could right about, but I'll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible. Here's some links.

  • Jim O'Brien gets $2.2 mil. The university didn't really have much of a shot to win the case, but they do plan on appealing. Nothing negative about the programs past will bother me as long as this guy keeps doing what he does best: Just about everything.
  • Speaking of which, Andy Katz sure does seem to love OSU. Jamar Butler should have a 2004 Dee Brown-like season this year, but he should be even better at managing the game. I can't wait until basketball season, but I think football season should be able to hold me over.
  • The NBA released it's schedule yesterday, and they changed the playoff format today. The Cavs open up November 1st against Gilbert Arenas and The Wiz. Hopefully that game can be as good as the playoff series was. Other notable games include the rebirth of LeBron vs D-Wade on February 1st and a seven game western road trip from January 9-20 that includes the likes of playoff teams SAC, LAC, PHO, and DEN.
  • Another blog added to the sidebar: Men of Scarlet and Gray. Like myself, they too are doing a position-by-position OSU breakdown before the season starts. Check it out, it's definitely worth a read.
  • did their Big 10 preview. It also includes an All-Big 10 team, Big 10 unit rankings, and a series of Big 10 "Top 5's." OSU is given much love in all of those, but I feel that they are a tad high on our inexperienced secondary. Also, if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to read their Ohio State preview. Although a lot of it is the same old stuff, there are some interesting points in there that are worth a read.
  • The Cavs have a new announcer. I don't understand how you can just fire a guy who has been there 15 years, unless he did something Harold Reynolds-like. He was a good announcer, and lets hope he passed the torch to another good one.
  • The Indians bullpen continues to be incredible. No really...I'm being serious here. Not sarcastic at all.

I swear...that D-Line preview is coming up any second now.

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