Thursday, August 03, 2006

A good Buckeye read

In case you haven't gotten enough of your recent Buckeye fix, the O-Zone just released their most recent edition of their Note and Quotebook. I love reading these everytime that they come out, and this one is no exception. The main topics covered in it are the acclimation phases of training camp, night football, the returns of assistant coaches Joe Daniels and Jim Bollman, our physically dominating offensive line, and Robert Rose among others. However, the most entertaining part to read was the section regarding football in Ohio, where the main sources being interviewed were fellow Big 10 coaches Ron Zook and Glenn Mason.

"The high school coaches do a great job and there's a lot of passion for OhioState University, going back to Woody. I grew up under that philosophy, but Ithink the number one thing is the high school coaches and the Ohio State coacheshave done a great job of keeping their players in-state. You have guys growingup wanting to be Buckeyes." -Ron Zook, head coach, Illinois University

Zook and Mason also go on to talk about how High School football in Ohio compares to nothing else in the Big 10. The whole section is good to read, considering that most people think Ohio State is viewed as a thug school by other colleges accross the nation. And since I can't think of a way to conclude this post, I'll just leave it by saying:

30 Days until Kickoff!

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