Thursday, August 10, 2006


I was originally just going to pass over this whole Maurice Clarett situation, pretend it never happened, never mention it once, and move on. But then I realized that that would be unfair. Sure, the whole situation has been awful, and the media has only made it worse, but I'm sure it's since been a whole hell of a lot worse for Clarett than it has been for any Ohio State fan. I'm writing this as an Ohio State fan who has come to the realization that without Clarett, our last championship was in 1968 and the entire 2002 season would have just been a third straight Outback Bowl appearance.

I'll skip over all the details. By now, everyone knows about the guns, the vest, the Goose, and the hatchet. I'll also pass on all of the "Oh, if only he had the right advice, then he could have been great..." We've all heard about it a million times, a million different ways. I guess this all just goes to show you that you never know what the future holds for anyone, no matter how certain it may seem.

Speaking of what could have happened I'd like to give some big kudos to the CPD for doing their job and interfereing when they did. The man was driving erratically, no doubt under the influence of some grey goose, with a multitude of loaded guns, a bulletproof vest, and had made some select phone calls (much thanks MotSaG). Oh yeah, when you read this little excerpt from MotSaG, just know that [HWSNBN] is code for "He who shall not be named," otherwise known as "#13"

Earlier this week, Columbus radio station 1460theFan (a Buckeye station) announced that this Friday, July 11, [HWSNBN] was going to come into the station, go on the air, and discuss the dramatic events of his recent life. Joe Montgomery, former OSU and NY Giants running back and confidant to [HWSNBN], said on-air that [HWSNBN] was coming in because he wanted to formally apologize to OSU, its fans, and everyone else for his actions. Montgomery was flying into Columbus to pick [HWSNBN] up and escort him to the radio station.

During the evening of Tuesday, the 9th, [HWSNBN] apparently called Jim Tressel, to thank him “for being real.” He later told Tom Friend, a writer at ESPN, that “Me and Tressel and cool again.” He also apparently phoned his high school buddy LeBron James. He called Friend at ESPN to thank him for being supportive and encouraging. He called his current coach, Jim Terry, to thank him for the shot at playing professional ball again.

It seems that all of these conversations occured while [HWSNBN] was driving around with three loaded semiautomatic handguns, one assault rifle, a hatchet, and wearing body armor. There was liquor in the car, as well, although it is not known if he was drunk. Friend believes that he was.

Apparently within minutes of ending the call with Terry, [HWSNBN] began “driving erratically.” He began swerving between lanes on I-70, making illegal U-turns across the grassy median, etc., where the CPD noticed and forced him to pull over.

This entire incident occurred only a few blocks away from the woman who was set to testify against him in court next week, as a witness to his robbery charge.

Now, all I'm doing is pure speculation here, so don't take my word for it, but it looks like that had the CPD not come when they did, at least one live would have almost certaintly been taken. And considering Maurice was all of the sudden calling Tressel, LeBron, and the media to apologize, one of those lives could have very well been Maurice's.

Was he going to attempt suicide? We don't know. It could have been a face off with the woman who was trying to put him away for good, but some serious shit would have gone done regardless, and had it not been for the CPD, we could be looking at this Maurice Clarett situation in a completely different light today.

And with that, I conclude what I hope is my one and only Maurice Clarett story.

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